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Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis | Hypnotherapist Hyderabad and Online. Anxiety and Depression Specialist Therapist.



Available for Therapy Online in your home using Zoom or other apps is highly effective if not better than in a clinic. I also see clients in person in Hyderabad.


You can still get great Therapy from your own home using video conferencing. The initial consultation is a phone call, and if you want to proceed as an Online Client, please don't hesitate to let me know. Getting Therapy from your home online is like seeing each other face to face. You will still get fantastic results. Other Therapists worldwide and I have been using this method for years. 

Proudly Serving All over India and around the world.


The client has been suffering from fear of Death anxiety continuously for the past 11 years.

My Clients usually find me when they have tried the best clinics and multiple therapists…. And when they are close to giving up. Then, they would be referred to me.

Depression and Anxiety Specialist
Hypnosis combined with modern rapid transformation and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to rapid change. To help you live your best life in the shortest possible time.

Client Testimonials


CLICK here to Watch some of the client success videos to see if any resonate with you. These videos are only a few of the brave clients who have kindly agreed to film a video. There are many more that remain confidential.