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Subconscious Belief

From the beginning of the Olympics, it was thought that no man could run a mile under 4 minutes. It was thought that human body could not take that much stress and pressure, by going that much fast the person would die.Doctors and scientists said it is impossible to run under 4 minutes and very dangerous to attempt. Roger Bannister was an ordinary working class boy unknown to many, broke the record in 1954.


After he had broken the record of under 4 minutes something wonderful happened immediately withing 46 days another person broke the record under a 4-minute mile and within few months, some more people broke the record. Within few years so many people broke the record.Now even high school kids did it. Since ages, it was believed that it was impossible.


Many people at that time also believed that they could break the record but did not why?


Because they only believed consciously.And in subconsciously deep within they would have the contradicting belief that the cannot do it. After knowing someone broke the record the negative belief is gone.

There is no way of removing the negative belief for them before unless someone has done it. Bannister had removed the negative belief and placed a positive belief in his subconscious mind that he can break the record of under 4 minutes a mile. Then only it was possible for him.



When a weightlifter hits a plateau where he cannot add more weight to the bar.Even if a small amount of weight is added to his existing weight which he can lift, he cannot lift it.So the coaches have a strategy to overcome this plateau. What they do is without the weight lifter knowing it, they increase the weight slightly and tell the lifter that it the same weight wich he was able to lift before, after weightlifter lifts the weight he would be showing how much weight he had lifted. Then immediately the negative belief would be gone and from then on he would be able to lift the added weight.

How to remove the negative belief in the subconscious and plant a new belief that you want.


The ways by wich you can communicate to subconscious mind is when you are in an altered state of consciousness.


How to go to altered state 

  • When you are in dream state
  • When in deep meditation
  • In hypnosis

Dream state

We do not have control over it.Most of the time we don’t eve know that we are in dream state.



Only few can achieve deep meditative state.It takes years or even a decade of regular practice.



It is easy for anyone can do it. You just have to choose hypnosis recording or hypnotherapist who gives right script without any negative suggestion to your subconscious mind.

Suggestion as simple as

You will not smoke will be interpreted

In subconscious as You will smoke with catastrophic results. So you must be careful in choosing the person.

I have seen the most experienced hypnotherapist doing the mistake.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful thing known to man it can be harnessed to give whatever you want.If you can't It can be the thing that stops you from achieving anything.


 Only giving positive suggestions will not be sufficient.Most hypnosis suggestions used are

Are like this “you are going to Lose weight”

The above suggestion is not negative but it is also not effective.The hypnosis must have the triggering behavior changing suggestions.